What to do when someone dies...

Our Probate Team deals with anything and everything that is required following a death. Most people will never have been involved with an ‘estate’ previously and can become confused by a host of legal terms and procedural matters. Our Probate Team deals with simple and complex estates and legal issues. Our team has experience in dealing with cross-border estates as well as business property and heritage issues. Our team is known for dealing with estates sympathetically and efficiently and for giving clear, timely and practical advice.

We can help in the following areas:

  • obtaining grants of probate or letters of administration;

  • advising on complex succession issues;

  • advising personal representatives on their responsibilities;

  • conducting the administration of the estate from start to finish (or as and when required);

  • advising of the most tax-efficient way to deal with the estate;

  • advising of deeds of variation and post-death tax planning;

  • international and cross-border estates;

  • resealing of foreign grants; and

  • advising on beneficiary rights.

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